Benefits of Sky Web Express 

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) is an exciting and alternative method of mass transportation. Unlike driverless cars, PRT decreases road congestion and can transport more people faster and safer.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Unlike subways and buses, PRT offers non-stop transportation.  Because there is no stop-and-go, passengers arrive at their destinations faster.
  • The PRT system is designed to have many boarding stations along its route.  Passenger can conveniently walk to and from the nearest boarding station.
  • Automated ticketing machines allow the purchase of single-use tickets or pre-paid fare cards.  Passengers do not need to make arrangements prior to travel.
  • PRT rides are available at all times: there is no schedule so you will never “miss” your ride.
  • There is minimal wait time.  During peak hours, it is estimated that most passengers will board a vehicle within 2 minutes.
  • PRT and Sky Web Express can operate 365 days per year: during the day and night, and during all forms of weather.
  • Vehicles are large enough for a wheelchair, a bicycle, or luggage. They are ADA compliant.
  • Vehicles are private so passengers can ride by themselves or with 2 or three other people. Because you are not required to travel with strangers, the ride is safe.
  • Boarding stations are comparatively small and centrally located, there is less chance of being “lost” in a station.
  • Vehicles have two-way communication systems for safety.
  • Vehicles are driverless and travel on guideways (tracks).  There is no chance of a collision due to human error or poor judgment call.

Benefits for Communities

  • The primary benefit of Sky Web Express and other PRT systems is the decrease of street traffic. Convenient and efficient travel by PRT will diminish the number of single-driver vehicles on the road.
  • Vehicles traveling on guideways use less land-space compared to the space needed for cars. The capacity of the Sky Web Express is comparable to that of a 3-lane highway.
  • Sky Web Express vehicles use electricity: they are quiet and there is no CO2 emissions. Less emissions mean better air quality for the community.
  • Vehicles will travel faster than a typical car during heavy traffic. The patented software system ensures that vehicles move quickly yet maintain a safe distance from one another. Faster travels mean more opportunities to conduct business and a more vibrant community.

Benefits to the Planet

  • Electric vehicles have zero emission and do not contribute to air pollution. Less C02 emission means less greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.
  • Vehicles are quiet vehicles and do not contribute to noise pollution
  • PRT systems are environmentally friendly because they are lightweight and energy-efficient. Less waste is critical for conserving the planets resources.
  • Elevated guideways have low visual impact and lends itself to a more beautiful view of the world.