How Does Sky Web Express Work?

When fully operational, the Sky Web Express is a flexible and efficient mode of mass public transportation. Private vehicles travel on elevated guideways delivering people to their destination faster and safer than other forms of mass transit.

1. Boarding Stations

Boarding stations are on sidings so boarding of passengers does not interrupt the flow of other vehicles. Boarding stations can be located safely alongside shopping malls, business centers, and other populated areas.

2. Ticketing

In the station, passengers select their destination and make payment at the computer terminal. If a passenger has a prepaid fare card, they may go directly to the boarding berth, swipe their fare card, and enter the next available car.

3. Boarding

On average, vehicle wait times are less than 1 minute.

4. Commuter Experience

Vehicles are private so you can travel by yourself or with other people if you choose to do so. Each vehicle can fit 3 people, or one person in a wheelchair with an attendant, or one person and a bicycle. Upon boarding, passengers can use the computer console to enter their desired destination, choose music, or surf the internet.

5. Travel

Transportation is non-stop so travel will not be interrupted by boarding passengers further down the line. Vehicles are equipped with two-way communication devices in case a passenger requires help. In case of an emergency, a stop button will redirect the vehicle to the next closest station where passenger can disembark or reconsider their options.

5. Disembark

Upon arrival at their destination, the passenger can disembark just as they would leave a bus or subway station.
The elevated guideways are space-efficient and do not change the layout of a community. At peak performance, boarding stations can process 1,250 vehicles per hour. With vehicles traveling between 20 to 60 mph, Sky Web Express can delivery people quickly and safely.